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The Secret of Challah
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Braiding Instructions, Tips, and
No-Fail Challah Recipes

The Secret of Challah  |  By Shira Wiener & Ayelet Yifrach

You deserve to make perfect homemade challah!

Now, with The Secret of Challah, mouth-watering, gorgeous challahs are yours for the baking!

Discover the beauty and spirituality inherent in the mitzvah of challah-baking. This magnificent new book features full-color photographs, tried-and-true recipes, and a complete guide to separating challah with a blessing.

The Secret of Challah makes an ideal bat-mitzvah memento and a much-appreciated shower or housewarming gift.
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"I was amazed when I received the book. It has that "something" which defies definition, and when I know what that "something" is I'll write to you again…Your book is much more then a collection of recipes, info and baking instructions. For your information (and in your merit) this is the first time in 24 years of marriage that my wife separated challah with a blessing. I have no doubt that the blessing and prayers in the book were of great help to her."
"Likrat Challah"
The Hebrew Edition
"Likrat Challah" book

Special Challah Designs

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Bat Mitzvah?
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Separating Challah
A step-by-step guide to hafrashat challah, excerpted from the challah book.
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hafrashat challah
Rise to New Heights

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