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Purim Bread

Homemade Purim gift ideas

Easy and Fun Mishloach Manos Ideas—a pleasure to give and delightful to receive!

 Bread in a Can

challah gift ideasA little creativity goes a long way!

For a unique home-baked gift, why not bake a loaf of bread in a large tin-can?

Thoroughly grease a clean, large tin-can. Place inside it a ball of dough that takes up approximately half the can and let it rise.

Bake until the top turns golden brown and crusty. Carefully remove the bread from the can and cool on a wire rack.

Décorate with ribbon or place on a pretty tray with an assortment of raisins and nuts and wrap your gift up in cellophane.

 Challah Ring

A spectacular and elegant Mishloach Manos.
Place a bottle of wine in the center of the baked challah, and wrap it up for a stunning effect.

Using any recipe of challah dough, braid a three-strand challah from three very long strands and arrange it in a ring shape in a round pan.

Place a round can in the center so that when the dough rises, the challah’s shape will be preserved. Remove the can before baking.

Here's a great idea: Sprinkle the challah ring with interesting seeds like sesame, poppy, flax, and even onion bits for a special flavor and appearance.

 Three-Color Challah

There's nothing like receiving a heavenly--and gorgeous--challah on Purim day.
It's anyone's guess whether this fresh delicacy will make it to the Purim mea later onl, or get gobbled up on the spot!

click for Three-Color Challah recipe and other Unique Challah Recipes.

 Traditional Challah for Purim

Did You Know?

Eastern European Jews used to prepare a challah with a flower-shaped piece of dough on it to symbolize “Shoshanat Yaakov,” the piyyut sung after the reading of Megilat Esther.


Moroccan Jews bake a special type of bread in honor of Purim, called “Einei Haman” or “Haman’s eyes.” The custom is to distribute this delicacy for mishlo’ach manot as well. The bread is adorned with almonds and unpeeled hardboiled eggs. The eggs are sunken into the dough and held down by two strips of dough in an X shape.

Braiding Instructions

challah braiding tips

Four-Strand Challah

Festive Knot Rolls

Figure-Eight Rolls

Star-of-David Challah

Grape-Shaped Challah

Festive Knot Rolls

1.    Form a ball of dough and roll it into a long, ropelike strand, about 12 inches (30 cm) long and 1 inch (about 2 cm) in diameter.

2.   Form a loop with one long end and one short end, as shown.

3.    Thread the long end through the loop.

4.    Pinch the two ends together on the bottom of the roll.

                    1                                   2                                       3

Figure-Eight Rolls

challah roll braiding1.   Form a ball of dough and roll it into a long, ropelike strand, about 12 inches (30 cm) long and 1 inch (about 2 cm) in diameter.

2.    Arrange the strand as shown.

3.    Grasp the short end in your left hand, and with your right hand pass the long end under the short end. Thread the long end through the loop, from the top of the roll to the bottom.

   1                                        2                                      3

Star-of-David Challah

star-of-david challah        star-of-david challah       


Grape-Shaped Challah

       Grape-Shaped Challah             Grape-Shaped Challah

Put your challahs in the spotlight!
Send us pictures of your unique challah creations and we'll be happy to publish them on our site. Send pictures to

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