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The Secret of Challah
makes a wonderful gift for many occasions, ranging from bat mitzvahs to bridal showers, graduations, and housewarmings.

  • What better gift at a Bridal Shower than empowering the bride to make challah in her new home? Give her The Secret of Challah along with some baking utensils, wrapped up in a gift-bag with tissue paper. Don’t forget to inscribe the book’s inside cover so she can think of you every time she bakes!
  • Searching for the right memento for that special occasion - a Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, a women’s retreat, or an Annual Dinner? The Secret of Challah makes an affordable and cherished take-away which will never be relegated to the back of the bookshelf. Cover can be inscribed or fitted with personalized labels to mark the occasion.

  • It’s difficult to know exactly what to buy for Bat Mitzvah gifts. There’s only so much jewelry a twelve-year-old can wear, and gift certificates are so impersonal! Giving The Secret of Challah will make the bat mitzvah girl feel special and grown-up and will broaden her horizons and make her comfortable in the kitchen. Offer to let you be her guinea pig to taste the results – you will not regret it!
The Secret of Challah
Why does this book make a great Bat- Mitzvah gift?

In Jewish tradition, a Jewish girl achieves the official status of “bat mitzvah” at age twelve.
“Bat mitzvah” literally means “the age of mitzvah”– at twelve years old she receives the charge and responsibility of the Torah commandments. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, bat mitzvah is a time of great change and transition. As girls become more aware of who they are and of the world around them taking shape, they are often driven to explore their femininity and they begin charting their life paths.

The Jewish woman was entrusted with three special mitzvahs: lighting Shabbat candles, separating challah from dough, and keeping the laws of family purity. The performance of each of these mitzvahs gives a glowing spiritual dimension to women, putting them in touch with themselves and their unique feminine potential.

As a girl crosses over the threshold into “the age of mitzvah”, what better way to mark the occasion than by introducing her to the time-honored tradition of challah baking! The Secret of Challah is written and designed in a way that makes it useful and accessible to readers of all ages and all levels of religious observance. The bat mitzvah girl will no doubt enjoy it, but even more so – it makes for a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family. Mothers, grandmothers, siblings, and even fathers can roll up their sleeves and join in the challah-baking together.

Also popular is a challah-baking theme at the bat-mitzvah celebration itself. Guests are treated to an in-depth demonstration of techniques and tips and are then given dough with which they can create their own challahs to take home and bake.

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