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(30/08/2007 22:22:00)

I admit it—I bought your book without any expectations, only because it appeared on the order form for purchasing products from Judea, Samaria and Gaza. (I make a point of purchasing in this way in order to support the settlers there). I was amazed when I received the book. It has that "something" which defies definition, and when I know what that "something" is I'll write to you again…Your book is much more then a collection of recipes, info and baking instructions. For your information (and in your merit) this is the first time, to the best of my memory, in 24 years of marriage that my wife separated challah with a blessing. I have no doubt that the blessing and prayers in the book were of great help to her.

(06/08/2007 22:56:00)

We received your books on Channukah. Baked bread, separated challah, and celebated a Bat Mitzva. It was simply great!

(26/07/2007 14:08:00)

Dear Shira and Ayelet,
Allow me to congratulate you on your wonderful book! I was always quite apprehensive when it came to baking – it seemed too complicated and tiring and many times I was not successful in my baking endeavors. But since purchasing your book I simply can't imagine Shabbos without my "challot". My husband is just thrilled, since he always used to ask me to bake challot and I always evaded the task. In the merit of your book we have challot – and delicious ones! Thank you for helping me to take the plunge into baking – and succeeding!

Irene Ostroff
(21/07/2007 23:15:00)

What a wonderful surprise! The book, THE SECRET OF CHALLAH, arrived and I am so proud to be the first to receive the English edition. Thank you.
It is gorgeous!!! The photographs and the text - it could not be more beautiful!
And most important, it brings the tradition, the ritual of hafrashat challah to women who do not know this custom.