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Customs and Segulot

The following are some special spiritual benefits credited to the mitzvah of separating challah, along with some customs practiced while performing the mitzvah of seperating  challah:

  • While preparing challah and other foods for Shabbat, it is customary to say, “lichvod Shabbat kodesh,”  “in honor of the holy Shabbat.”
  • Some have the custom, while kneading the dough, to recite Psalms and pray for people who are in need of G-d’s help and salvation.
  • Because of the great merit credited to the mitzvah of separating challah, it is worthy to bake especially for the sake of fulfilling this mitzvah at least once a year, ideally during the Ten Days of Repentance (Siddur Kol Eliyahu).
  • The following custom has recently become common in Jewish communities: Forty women devote their prayers while separating challah to the merit of a person in need of salvation (such as recovery from illness, a worthy mate, or the birth of a child).
  • The mitzvah of separating challah is recognized as a segulah for an easy, safe birth. It is customary to separate challah at least once in the ninth month of pregnancy.
  •  According to our Sages, the mitzvah of separating challah brings with it a blessing for a good livelihood into our home.



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