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Before Yom Kippur
  • round Rosh Hashanah challahIn the Ukraine, challahs baked in honor of the special meal before the Yom Kippur fast (seudah hamafseket) were adorned with birds to commemorate the verse, “Like flying birds, so shall the L-rd of Hosts protect Jerusalem” (Isaiah 31:5).

For Hoshana Rabbah
  • In Poland, round, coiled challah with a ladder on top was prepared in honor of Hoshana Rabbah.
  • An ancient custom is to bake challah in the shape of palms of the hand, outstretched to the heavens to receive the notes upon which G-d’s verdict for the upcoming year is written (Hoshana Rabbah is the last day of the High Holidays, and chamsah challahby tradition it is the day when the verdict for the upcoming year is sealed).

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Separating Challah
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