The Secret of Challah
By Shira Wiener & Ayelet Yifrach

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ISBN: 9789659077922
Format: Hardcover, 120 pages
Language: English
Published: 04/2007   
Publisher: Reshit Publications   
List Price: $24.95

Rise to new heights and bake perfect challah for your family!

There's nothing quite like the fragrant scent of freshly-baked challahs permeating a Jewish home. Yet many would-be challah bakers are intimidated by the process. Some wonder how they will observe the mitzvah of hafrashat challah (separating challah) properly.

The Secret of Challah takes the mystery out of challah-baking and includes a complete guide to separating challah according to Jewish law. Tried-and-true recipes and kitchen-tested tips make your challahs a sure-fire success – on the very first try! This is not just a cookbook – it's a comprehensive wealth of knowledge on every aspect of Challah baking, complete with full-color photographs and an exquisite layout. In addition to a variety of delicious challahs, you'll find recipes for exotic breads, pitas, and other doughs, as well as easy-to-follow braiding instructions and creative shaping techniques.

The sacred mitzvah of separating challah was entrusted especially to women as a
the secret of challahtool for spiritual growth and an opportunity to enhance the Shabbat atmosphere. Now you can delight your family with fresh-baked treats and fill your home with soul-satisfying aromas!

A wonderful gift for Bat Mitzvahs, Showers, Housewarmings, and even "Just Because", this book will be cherished and much-used by all who receive it.


CHAPTER 1 - The Blessing in the Dough: An explanation of the biblical commandment of separating challah from dough and the deep meaning behind it; the blessings that this brings upon one's home; and the ancient tradition which makes this uniquely a woman's mitzvah. view sample pages

CHAPTER 2 - The Mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah: includes the practical laws of separating challah – when it is required, how to do it, different prayers and traditions involved. view sample pages

CHAPTER 3 - The Art of Baking: A step-by-step guide to challah baking, weights and measurements, and tips for easier baking. view sample pages

CHAPTER 4 - Recipes: 24 delicious challah and bread recipes from the traditional to the exotic. Sweet challah, whole wheat, Pitas, onion rolls, rosemary-flavored and bagels. A whole world of flavors! view sample pages

CHAPTER 5 - The Art of Braiding: Easy-to-follow instructions and creative shaping techniques with full-color photos and diagrams for braiding three, four and six braids. Also includes various innovative challah designs and special challah braiding traditions for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. View sample pages


Shira Wiener lives with her husband and three daughters in Tel Aviv and is the dorm-mother in a local school for girls discovering their Jewish heritage. Rabbi Wiener is a teacher and lecturer and runs a Chabad outreach program in his city. The Wieners’ open-door policy make their home a spiritual center, open round-the-clock to people from every walk of life – all whom enjoy Shira’s tantalizing baking!

Ayelet Yifrach has a strong background in Education as well as certification in Graphic Design. Her primary focus has become Jewish education and she especially enjoys her involvement in various Jewish cultural projects. In Ayelet’s own words: “I love the process of overseeing and creating the visual design and then linking it to its educational counterpart.” Her involvement in The Secret of Challah is just one of many Jewish heritage projects in her portfolio. Ayelet lives with her husband and three daughters in Amona.

A Note from the Authors

We wrote The Secret of Challah for a unique purpose. Read Our Story to find out how the book came to be!

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